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Maya Sokovic (b. Belgrade, Serbia) is an artist living and working in San Antonio, Texas.  She investigates how the memory of people’s interaction with nature and their proximal environment impacts them. Memories evaporate, but linger as a smell, color, shape, or texture. These sensations leave an impression on the body which influences it energetically and physically.  Through painting, design and installation, she recreates moments in an attempt to connect with an audience through sensations otherwise forgotten.  Her ultimate goal is to show the natural balance that occurs throughout the human experience despite its imperfections. 

Sokovic’s recent exhibitions include:  “VOLTA”, Gallery Azur Madrid (Spain); “Favorite Thing” Sebastopol Center for the Arts Sebastopol (California) ; and a solo exhibition, “Fragments of landscapes”  MBAW Gallery (Texas).   Her work has appeared in the book  “Fierce feminine divinities of Eurasia and Latin America” by Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz Paralba.  Her work has been in Glas Javnosti, the San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio Current, Glasstire and Arts Alive San Antonio as a featured artist. Recently she partnered with “Sweetgreen” LA, an establishment that works with local artists to create art in their new location in San Antonio.

" I am investigating our environment and how it impacts and shapes us. Color is the driving force in my art. I take my color palettes from nature, emotions, culture, and objects.  Shape and Line are the elements that hold Color and I use them as conveyors of past information and significant memories which are important to me.  My work is organic, minimalistic and abstract to convey the nature of the human experience which is effervescent and always changing.  Although I extract from all experiences,  the subject that keeps my work grounded is Nature.  I love how she communicates through color, form, texture, lines, sound and smell.  At glance Nature is chaotic, abstract, and imperfect, but below this mercurial facade we can always trust that she is balance. Note that I state she is “balance” and not “balanced”  because the latter would indicate that there is an external force that is enacting balance on her.  She IS balance because she creates without discrimination or fear, steadfastly responding to her own moves with counteractions again and again.  This is essentially our experience as humans and what I try to allude to in my art."

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